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A men’s group, the Woolly Mammoths have met together for over 20 years.  This men’s group grew from a vision, a Woolly Mammoth glimpsed through heavy woods at a men’s conference sponsored by Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade.  Though many men’s groups formed in response to the feminist movement, the Woolly Mammoth’s belong to a type the Men’s Net calls mythopoetic, rather than men’s rights, pro-feminists, or recovery.  We focus on the pilgrimage of each man, and support each other on the way.

We meet twice a month, once in member’s homes and once at the Black Forest in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the first Monday of the month.  Once a year we have a four day retreat in which we focus on special topics and plan the next year.  Topics have included:  Re-imagining your story, Fathers, Mothers, Death, Your Myth, and Pilgrimage.

Our time together is always enlightening, encouraging, and supportive. We are on a spiritual journey of discovery. We meet to share our colorful, original and unique life stories. We celebrate our achievements with inspiration, gratitude and appreciation.

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