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These poetic descriptions were gifted to each of the Woollies by Stefan Helgeson after each of their retreat presentations in February, 2006.  They are displayed here as forwarded by Stefan for all to enjoy.



He walks quickly with a sharp stick and an open heart,
Looks for cracks in pavement,
Dropped earrings and stuff,
Returns lost animals to owners with compassion and action.

Some say he is too Irish
Others say he needs only a strong heart.
You will find him thinking of neither
Believing instead in his every breath knowing it is gift from God.

Once, ladened with bricks, he did a stupid thing.
Wiser now, he instead writes sweet love poems to his wife,
Holds his children and grandchildren in his palms
Celebrating their beauty in creation.

Woolly Mammoth says:  I love you and like you.
Remember the God-damn sacred Irish wells of healing.


His father by his side, always,
Warren voices the world with his net of words and understanding
About things so often not known
Or spoken for the first time.
His presence transforms silence to words; stories alive.
People marvel at what was so easily put in words,
Want to hear more, debate,
Or wish to marry him to have as their own answer.

Once, he thought he should know more, looked for other words.
Now he realizes that what is said and written is
Just what he likes and loves about his life,
What gives his arms strength in their daily embrace.
Woolly Mammoth says:  Snakes hide in obvious places if you know where to look.
Never stop looking.



Some Texan closet dancers only come out at night.
Making sweet smelling pots of stew and grits from their Mamaís recipes
They feed the faithful,
Dance with the stranded.

Night (or day) Paul sees his work in the world as part of this dancing web
Of helping, acting and speaking softly
In a way that touches others to believe more in themselves,
From Damascus to Lake Titicaca to Colfax Avenue.

His shadow of integrity reaches far past state borders and area codes.
Paul walks with such purpose that passer-bys (and his family) gladly obey.
He only has to decide what arms and legs to move, naturally,
As nothing is too big for this Texan!

Woolly Mammoth says:  Some are afraid of noodling because they only use their fingers.
Use your head with eyes wide open in the murky water full of monsters.




A deer once barked to Jimmy to look to the sky to find love and desire.

Able to hear the deer speak (how unbelievable),

He set out on a long journey,

Found these and more.


His desire quirks at every sunrise and summer storm,

Seduces quiet trout holes under overhanging willows with bliss.

His love fills vast empty, dry places,

Brings reconciliation, and a morning dew of angle wings.


While feeding and birthing lamas with newly formed calluses

He erupts into creations of beauty and repose.

Multiplying with his curious eye the animalís first wondrous breath

He captures and holds eternal the gifts of the deer for people to remember.


Woolly Mammoth says:  Walk beside your horse.

She will whisper secrets only seen near the ground.




Who would guess that such a dichotomy could exist;

Giving soul to the world of how things work,

Making sense of the endless universe of things.

This existence is the eye of the beholder, Tom.


Paths often diverge, or return to cross

At some fabulous pass or quiet river crossing.

Others merge the best of purpose and passage

Taking travelers, sometimes unknowingly, to their lifeís destination.


Tom is many paths, mostly found accidentally,

But clearly marked now and heading for a magical kingdom

Of cosmic purpose, meaning,

An invaluable treasure map of how the soul works for us all.


Woolly Mammoth says:  Accidents are gifts of God.

God has blessed you with the eyes of a Shepard.




Once the drum beats of ancient peoples

Held such a steady rhythm that

A human being was created from its sound.

Meet Scott, man of perfect beat sperm and rhythm!


Tapping what the world has to offer

Through remembering his roots (and good fortune)

He explores new life though connections, an open heart

And a willingness to face the darkness of his soul.


Always alert he moves like a grazing mammal

Seeking to understand related tastes,

Nibbling uncommon occurrences.

Once even successfully betting his nest egg on the prospect of salvation and immortality!


Woolly Mammoth says:  Life is meant to step to. 

But sperm love most the syncopated rhythm.




Once a lost pigeon landed on a buttress looking for redemption.

Haislet offered it instead wine, poetry and good medicine.

Now each fall millions of pigeons gather to

Fly in endless flocks to known destinations.


His influence was so great on these simple birds of passage,

They have venerated him with coos and cockles,

Announcing to all searching mammals his gifts and skills

While reminding him his hands are most useful when tender.


But Charlie was born a mortal, and despite this reverence

Still must deal with the challenges of life.

He does so remembering to bring these gifts for himself, family and loved ones

To all occasions incomplete without his feathered wisdom.


Woolly Mammoth says:  Donít let the birds go to your head.

Drink from your goblet even if it is empty.




Driven out of his fatherís house

Into the world at a young age without tools of a trade,

He has learned how to craft his life of pursuit and purpose

Built on relationships beyond his fatherís wildest imagination.


No fact is not interesting,

No topic not worth inquiry.

If something is unknown it is in danger of being discovered and exposed to the world.

If it is known, it is to be understood in ways that others could never have imagined.


The little mammoths gather eagerly at his graying tusks,

Ask penetrating questions about Greek-kind and why the mantel is melted.

His answers link impossible with probable,

Blessing the little tusks, making them think.


Woolly Mammoth says:  Donít underestimate the obvious.

You are here to change the world.




If the land of Cosmos had little farm hamlets with working monks,

Bill would be among them steady and diligent.

In the clear night sky

Stars would make the patterns he imagined.


On earth many Germans would hear the voices of the stars,

Look up,

Know there was the Divine Order of William watching over them

And take comfort in their far-fetched rational faith.


Families, too (sometimes even Irish) would take holidays

To learn about each other, their loved ones

Secrets of the universe according to William. 

Bill would be happy in the star fields sewing seeds of love
      and inspiration for even the tiny lambs.


Woolly Mammoth says:  Find your shadow tonight.

It may be of your own imagination brilliant and profound as the earth below your feet.




Norwegians are remarkable mammals,

Often God-like, profound and ever-lasting.

Odeís life map comes from these mythical creatures

Fused with creativity, love for the world and his mojo.


Not shy, he paints outrageous stages

While brewing a simple cup of coffee,

Turns heads with a profound word or two on some topic,

Canít help but excite even the most dormant woman with his soft eyes.


Completing his fourth blue phase,

He has reinvented himself more times than Picasso.

Others fail where he succeeds; where others succeed he changes the color.

The intensity of his love of life, friends and Elizabeth is global warming.


Woolly Mammoth says: You canít live on mojo alone.

Continue to do what comes first to you deep from the heart.