The Wildness Way

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Framed Wildness or is it a Wildness Frame ?

The roads out here on the ranch are beginning to come back after being underwater due to Spring flooding.

I think thats the way it is when we rediscover our Natural selves. We start to appear on a path of discovery again. After being submerged in the industrial world, a slave to the routine of chores and obligations we find some green space  – a Spring feeling to let our souls breathe.


The Wildness Way                                                                                                                                                          JimJ10

4 by 4′s

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Shapes and forms abound and rebound out here in the Spring Wildness


4 by 4′s                                                                                                                                                                              JimJ10

Springness & FLOW

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SPRING FIREWORKS                                                                                                                                     JimJ10

My Springness FLOW

Caspers Ranch – Easter 2010

As the Spring forces begin to transform the land
the great primal shift of Newness appears
i watch in silence and listen to the sounds of renewal
the canadian hookers heading North
the baby lambs – baah – baah – looking for their moms
the chickens digging the soft dirt again with new vigor
the smell of fresh earth unthawing after its long rest -
the flow of water – the babbling and trickling
the rush through pebbles and rocks
always moving carrying little shapes
when it stops i feel the joy of helping it move again
the draining of the land from the melted snow

Like my Father Alfred Edwin Johnson
who died while draining in April
the spring runoff in his backyard
i too am obsessed with the flow

After a day of making little rivers
i close my eyes and see my own flowing liquids
moving always moving cutting through
the membranes carrying little cells
all of it is alive and stirring in the warm breezes
the movement of new life. FLOW

My spirit again reminds me of why i love this place -
standing in this vast landscape that goes in all directions
and no reminders of humanness interruption -
this is a precious place of uninterrupted flow
of water and air

and FIRE with its shape shifting ability
to remove the things that are not needed
truly a magical dance of transformation.
and the smoke that can carry over the land
all the way to the Marshall County line
in a matter of minutes
and transform the light of day to twilight
and no burning rules


FIRE DANCE 2                                                                                                                                                        JimJ10

Everything is in motion untamed Wildness.
my freedom will always be in this kind of place,
free of concrete, free of confined spaces.
where i can look up and watch the flying things
and the light and clouds and the movement
in far distant scenes miles away. open space -
Free space only WILDNESS

i dream of my family and friends coming to see this
before it is gone for me
To smell this – feel as i do for this openness -
this ONENESS -
i have been so happy here for my 7 years -

i would find it hard going back to city life.
i have been forever changed -
forever in the welcoming lap of NATURE

i will always wander in Wildness now
wherever i go i will not leave it far behind


My Wildness

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Ole Paint                                 Prisma Pencil on paper 15 ” x 18 “                                                    by JimJ10

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