Winter Wildness

January 8, 2010 on 3:28 pm | In General | 2 Comments

The second big winter storm of the season hit the ranch this week, another example of the Wild Core of Nature. I love the feeling of vulnerability that i get from this reminder of the creators presence.

That feeling was compounded when i ventured out to go to the barn and found myself stopped in my tracks by deep snowdrifts and strong winds. What normally was a sort trip to the barn became like a journey to the South Pole through snow caves and crevasses. I thought of how it was in the early days of the first settlers of these Great Plains when they would be trapped and isolated by all this white stuff.

Well i am off to experience that deep spiritual passion within the natural world. Now where are those snowshoes and my facemask ?


WinterWildness                                                                                                                   Jimj’10

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