The Ineffable Expression of Nature MAY 1st.

May 7, 2009 on 12:51 pm | In Photographs | 3 Comments

Yellow Bird Song 

Ancient men an the ancient women were able to see through a veil to a firm, invisible being

on the other side of the screen of Nature.

” Its not what you look at…. it’s what you see .”

Henry David Thoreau

“ Nobody sees a flower, really. To see takes time, like to have a friend takes time,”

Georgia O’Keefe

“ These are the plant Teachers, I know them. Our elders show us early how to see them. It takes a lot of energy for them to come to us in a way that we can recognize, a form which appeals to us and for which we have an affinity. The plants are trying to help us ”

Malidoma Some, chief shaman of the African Dagara tribe

“ The natural world is a spiritual house. We walk there through forests of physical things that are also spiritual things; they watch us with affectionate looks. “

Charles Baudelaire, French poet

Can you SEE the Nature Spirits I found in a shelter belt on the ranch May Day 2009 ?


Nature Spirit #1


Nature Spirit # 2


Nature Spirits # 3

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