A Spring WILDNESS kiss of Compassion

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A Spring WILDNESS kiss of Compassion from Dali The Lama.


Dali The Lama lives on Caspers Ranch and his job is to protect the Sheep from predators like Coyotes, Fox, Wolves, and Rustlers

The last of It

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Winter WILDNESS at its best

It swells in my chest !



March Madness by JimJ09

March came in like a Lion here on the Northern Plains. It is like Mother Nature wanted to give a grand finale

to a long beautiful Winter. As the Northwest wind came up and the temp dropped I could feel the presence of the Great Power

moving its arms all around me with its below zero wind chills and blinding snowstorm.

Winter WILDNESS at its best it swells in my chest !

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Found this face image in a snow drift, and added some highlights with a shovel


Snow Spirit                                                                                   JimJ09

Breathe in the WILDNESS of life.

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Three for the Road                                                                                                                  JimJ09

I assisted on this birth of these triplets, the mother ewe did well on the first two. But on the third one and the biggest one, his leg got stuck backwards and I had to reach in and turn him. I slowly pulled him out and wasn’t breathing after a couple of good shakes. After that he still wasn’t breathing so I slapped him in the face a couple of times. A few seconds later he started to breath and opened one eye as if he was checking to see if it was ok to be alive !

Lambing time on the ranch – the great thrill of assisting in bringing new life. Got me too thinking, sometimes it takes a couple of slaps in the face to wake up to breathe in the WILDNESS of life.

Breathe in the WILDNESS of SPRING


I have found that WILDNESS that I seek

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Ice Crystal Dance                                                                           JimJ09

I have found that WIldness that I seek

I have found it in the ice crystals
that dance swan lake in the farm pond

I have found it in the cutting Winter wind chill
crisscrossing the landscape in front of me
that comes from deep within the frigid North

I have found it in the passing of a comrade
in the suddenness of a Spring lightning strike
Suddenly all around me

I have found it in the dark eyes of the Lama
in the deepness in the eyes of the black angus
in the gray with yellow slit eyes of the ewe
that speaks without words the knowing
that lambing time is near

I found it in natural cycles of the seasons
living with birthing and the dying
the ebb and flow of the spirit
in the coming and the going
in the blink of the eye
that which was there is not there
while that that was there in one form
is now changed

So is that it – Wildness is the change


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