Signs of Spring on the Ranch

April 25, 2008 on 1:19 pm | In Ranching, Wildness | No Comments

High boots in the muddy manure
scent of winter mildew moistness
from sweet grass hay

Babies abound
mother cow bellows with the pain of the new calf
her calf struggles to breath through the afterbirth
some don’t make it
others struggle to stand as the herd moves forward
mother sheep groans a out shoots a white furry missile
predators await

Gray Drakes patrol the nesting area with there
heads and neck bent down mouths open hiss – s- s-s-stay away
big wings spread and flapping
they fearlessly attack any thing that moves
protecting the gander on the grade AAA eggs

Clouds of blackbirds swarm with wings of red, yellow and white
they move with UFO shap and speed through the cattle

There are fresh aromas in every step I take
It is time for cowboys to sing
and say ” ha-ay babe, walk on the Wild Side ”


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