Reflections on Fathering

I’ll be the first to post notes about last night’s gathering at Charlie’s. 

Charlie created a good context for our meeting with a welcoming environment and heart felt greeting.  Conversation before the meal immediately led into “check in” spaces.  Mark and I visited about his knee challenges.  Chicken comb injections are the next phase of trying to reduce the pain/discomfort with a damaged knee that makes walking and working challenging.  He’s looking to re-invent himself again into a website creator/designer.

The thread of the evening’s conversations during the meal and afterward centered on Father’s Day.  We have explored this part of our lives before.  In fact, our very first retreat was a time for each of us to tell “Our Father’s Story.”  This time we talked about the more immediate Father’s Day and how we each experienced it.  Fathering is important for each of us.  It’s part of our definition of ourselves, even for Warren who has chosen not to have offspring.  He is fathering his parents and in-laws.  Nurturing, care-giving, encouraging, accepting them as they are. 

As I reflect on the evening, I see the twinkling in Scott’s eyes as he spoke of his grandchildren.  Going to the park and hearing them squeal with delight as he spun them on the playground mini merry go round.  Frank spoke of receiving cards from grandchildren and also about his delight in taking a recent trip to Ireland with Mary and their kids and spouses.  Charlie of spending time with father-in-law and granddaughter.  Appreciation for his kids and how they are leading their lives.  Mark talked of Christopher connections and how his step children are growing up.  Charlie E. talked of fathering being his most significant experience in life.  Of his connections, experiencies, and pride in his sons, Joseph and Jon.  I shared about my usual Father’s day conversations with each of our three daughters. 

Toward the end of the evening, I took a few minutes to show them this blog.  I showed them how to login and make their own contributions.

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