We pass along a heritage in many ways.  Some do this in a biological sense.  Other ways are no less important.  I think of the thousands  of people that Warren has influenced in his writing about  seniors.  He has fathered thousands in helping them to understand the needs and desires of seniors.  In the movie, “Dances with Wolves”  one  party asks  how many white men are coming?  The white Lt. says as many as the stars.  This is part of  Warren’s  fathering effect into infinity.  Mark’s story of Christopher asking to spend father’s day with him over his bio-father was heart rending.  On the show, “What’s My Line”, when the call comes “will the real father please stand up”  the young man wants Mark to stand.  I hundreds of ways, we men are fathering ours and others all the time.

Blessings. I love you and I like you.


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